Mega Man 11 Is Coming In 2018

Mega Man 11 Is Coming In 2018

Are you excited to play a new Mega Man?

For the Nintendo Switch, Capcom is also releasing "Mega Man Legacy Collection" (1-6) and "Mega Man Legacy Collection 2" (7-10) in the Spring of 2018, with Amiibo support, according to Polygon. The result is a truly beautiful-looking side-scrolling that few have been able to achieve.

"I want to say to the fans, 'Thank you so much for waiting, '" level-designer Masakazu Eguchi said on the stream. Hit the jump to see the trailer.

Here's all of the news Capcom shared during the Mega Man 11 livestream.

It has been ages since we saw the release of a new Mega Man game.

There is something else to take notice of from the footage.

When will Mega Man 11 come out? While there's no dates yet, today's a great day for Mega Man fans to celebrate the game's anniversary. Are you planning on buying it? The X series came with features such as powerful armor upgrades and wall-jumping. The story is the same, of course, as it is always Mega Man's mission to defeat Dr. Wily and all his Robot Master bosses.

As well as the new title, Capcom announced all eight of the Megaman X spin-off series, which first arrived on the SNES in 1993, will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime next year. It will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC. It's in regards to Mega Man Legacy Collection. This feature will also roll out to existing owners of Mega Man Legacy Collection on other platforms. That spirit is evident in this previously leaked concept art for Mega Man's new look. The first collection, which includes the original six 8-bit games, sees the addition of a new Rewind accessibility option to go back in time following blunders.