"Executive Time": White House Rebrands the Hours Trump Spends on Twitter

Trump, a multitasker, overlaps phone calls and TV and Twitter in a way that likely reduces those totals.

The deleted tweet stirred memories of the famous late-night "covfefe" incident - the president's garbled tweet about the press that became an instant worldwide joke.

"CNN horrified at Wolff book claim that Trump watches TV in residence & tweets for 3 hours every morning, "tweeted conservative commentator Ann Coulter".

"Once he goes upstairs, there's no managing him", one White House aide told the Post last April. Young Adams considered himself his family's protector while his father was helping plan the Revolutionary War.

The question increasingly is what "this" is.

Simonton took Cox's IQs estimates for Adams and other early presidents, and cross-referenced them with biographical information for their modern-day successors.

Someone quickly noticed the gaffe before it was changed (and "missteps" added).

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Bill Clinton was the No. 4 White House genius, with an estimated IQ range between 136 to 159.

The US president is to be examined by the same doctor as his predecessor Barack Obama and a summary of the results will be made public.

We'll come to that successor in a moment.

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump largely relied on a series of assertions that he repeated ad nauseam until they were perceived as fact. Writer Michael Goodwin lauded Trump's "enormous consequential presidency", but Trump referred to it in his tweet as an "enormous consensual presidency".

That's fake news, though. Now less than one year into his presidency, Trump's workday is shrinking. Among a host of "logical missteps and factual inaccuracies", Snopes wrote, the article didn't even name Trump's freshman school correctly.

Others on Twitter denied that they had "consented" to Trump's leadership and a number included the hashtag #StableGenius when commenting on Trump's typo - referring to the President's series of weekend tweets proclaiming his sanity.

The president's reference to consent also happened to coincide with the Golden Globe Awards, where Hollywood stars wore black to protest sexual misconduct in the workplace - as some Twitter users pointed out. President George W. Bush arrived in the Oval Office even earlier, at 6:45 each morning.