Scott Frost gives his solution to fix the College Football Playoff

Scott Frost gives his solution to fix the College Football Playoff

The University of Central Florida Knights football players are national champions, at least in the state of Florida.

To paraphrase Nick Saban, if the College Football Playoff Committee were expanded, debate would still rage over which teams were left out. It is utterly prejudicial toward the 65 Power Five schools and openly biased against the 64 Group of Five schools.

Security was tightened in anticipation of the arrival of President Trump, who was expected to be in attendance for the game.

But the former UCF coach ran into some trouble when he tried to get into the press box for another interview as security denied him entrance due to improper credentials.

After beating Auburn, UCF football's Twitter feed was changed to "2017 National Champions" with the logo to match.

But UCF wouldn't go away, and Knights quarterback Ryan Schneider led his team to the Tide 20-yard line. "I'm not sure the system doesn't need some fixing".

As bad as the old BCS way, it was still better than this. "Doesn't mean anything to anybody but them".

Particularly, when CFP executive director Bill Hancock tries to justify UCF getting snubbed by saying, "It all comes down to who you play". So they had to play much later at night and get finished much later at night, so it's tough in both parts.

"At some point in the future, it will be time to decide what to do at the end of the 12-year contract and that's when we'll think about it", Hancock said.

Did Alabama win the SEC championship? Aided by Mike Dubose's tackle-optional buffoonery, Ryan Schneider eviscerated the Tide on Homecoming. Can you imagine if the NFL eliminated the Jacksonville Jaguars from a chance at competing for the Super Bowl because they don't have the history, tradition or fan base of the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots?

But it's not just the national media that has taken notice; it's regional media, too - publications like the Prince George Journal in Prince George County, Va. The editorial board of the small newspaper met after the Peach Bowl and decided it, too, would name UCF as its national champion. Bama claims 16 national titles, the most recent coming in 2015, and Georgia has won two, in 1942 and 1980.

"It's the only sport in America that the champion isn't settled on the field or in the court and I'd like to see that change".