'Fire and Fury' author disputes Trump, says he 'spoke to the president'

'Fire and Fury' author disputes Trump, says he 'spoke to the president'

Wolff said in his interview this morning that it is "extraordinary that a president of the United States would try to stop the publication of a book". My prediction, if these allegations made in this book are proven to be true, which is something we're still waiting on, they have to be proven to be true, but if they are, I would be surprised if Donald Trump is still president on December 31st of 2018.

He's one of the most divisive US presidents ever, and everyone wants to know more about his story. The article continues by saying, "But Mr. Wolff has picked up as many foes as fans during his years as a slashing columnist - perhaps more, even - and critics have raised questions about the veracity of his reporting, saying that he has a history of being casual with his facts". "I am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with what I have reported", he added.

In Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, author Michael Wolff writes that the president "and Melania spent relatively little time together".

Wolff also describes that on the day of Trump's inauguration last year, the billionaire "was angry that A-level stars had snubbed the event", adding he was "visibly fighting with his wife, who seemed on the verge of tears".

Trump has dismissed the book as full of lies.

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The acrimony surrounding former White House adviser Steve Bannon's very public break with President Donald Trump is escalating, suggesting a permanent split between the president and the pugilistic strategist who helped put him in the Oval Office. There will be revelations from former White House chief of staff Steve Bannon, as well as what the Trump staff really think of the man himself.

Hive are selling the e-book version for £13.99, and it'll be delivered straight to your inbox when it comes out. Now, the Republican National Committee has spelled out those talking points by releasing a spoof of Fire and Fury's cover which attacks the author's credibility.

Bannon lost the financial and political support of the billionaire Mercers over his remarks, and his future at Breitbart News is up in the air. "He used Sloppy Steve Bannon, who cried when he got fired and begged for his job".

On Friday night, President Trump angrily tweeted about the book.

It also suggested she often has no idea where he is, or takes any interest in the billionaire's business empire. Instead of halting publication, Wolff's publisher accelerated its sale to Friday, due to "unprecedented demand".