Former Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe honorary captain at Sunday's AFC Championship game

Former Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe honorary captain at Sunday's AFC Championship game

If Tom Brady doesn't play all right mark your prediction on who will win this game on Sunday and represent the AFC.

A source close to the situation told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport that Brady suffered a cut to his right thumb during Wednesday's practice.

Brady reportedly collided with a teammate on Wednesday, injuring his right hand.

The Patriots listed Brady as a "limited participant" in practice, one day after he missed practice and two days after sustaining the injury.

I want Tom Brady and Co.to lose just as much as the rest of the nation, but the fact of the matter is, they are the superior team.

On Friday, Belichick was asked if Brady's injury left him "any regrets" about trading Garoppolo. QB and yeah Brady doesn't play how does that change this game on Sunday. A report on Friday afternoon suggests that his chances of playing are pretty good.

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Brady has appeared on the defending champion Patriots' injury report since late in the regular season but has not missed a game due to injury since 2008. So I'm still gonna hang on and hang in with my preseason pick that Tom Brady is going to get back to and win a sixth Super Bowl. "We're going to have to be on the top of our game".

Brady also gave away very little when asked if he had played in greater pain than he was now experiencing.

Even with the hand injury, everyone is expecting Brady to be out there on Sunday.

While Brady's status remains vague, backup quarterback Brian Hoyer has begun fielding questions from the media if he is prepared to face the Jaguars defense. But there you go.' That's just his mentality. Out of the teams that Brady could have to face, the Vikings have the top-ranked defense in the National Football League, the Jaguars have the second-best defense in the National Football League, and the Eagles have the fourth-best defense in the NFL. He had worn the gloves to practice, but keeping them on for the news conference was peculiar. However, the drop-off from Brady to Hoyer might give the visiting Jaguars the advantage at quarterback with Bortles, who is 2-0 in his career in the playoffs. Now this immediately puts the speculation machine into overdrive because like I've said a million times, Vegas knows everything.

Q: When you're managing an injury is it more of a functionality of holding, gripping, throwing, or is it pain management whenever you've dealt with an injury in the past?

Hoyer particularly said that Brady looked "great" in an interview with USA Today Sports.