How well does Philippe Coutinho know his fellow Barcelona Brazilians?

How well does Philippe Coutinho know his fellow Barcelona Brazilians?

"I only answer nicely now because I am friendly and we are in public but if someone asked me about the round after the round in private, I would leave the room". It makes Anfield a fortress, a seething cauldron from which few visiting sides emerge with fond memories.

"When I came in I said immediately that I was happy Roberto was here", the German said ahead of his side's last-16 tie against Porto.

The trio mixed a perfect cocktail of caution and adventure, laying the foundation for Liverpool's frontline to excel while simultaneously cutting off Porto's attacks. There was no need for disappointment after hitting the goal frame as Salah collected the rebound, flicked the ball around the goalkeeper, controlled it with his head and slotted it home.

Philippe Coutinho is poised to return to Liverpool later this year - to play in an international friendly at Anfield. This season playing with Liverpool, Coutinho was sensational. Not anymore. I don't know what other people think about Roberto Firmino.

This huge act clearly shows his passion for sporting that Blaugrana jersey on his body.

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Eriksen was among a number of names suggested in the opinion piece, including Christian Pulisic of Borussia Dortmund and West Ham United's Manuel Lanzini.

Somehow, despite Salah's speed, Firmino had by now made his way beyond his teammate and into the penalty area. "In the end, it didn't go through and I had to work even harder when I got on the pitch so that the [Liverpool] fans didn't think I was doing things badly". And that included a rebound. Not everyone gets the chance to do that.

As far as Coutinho is concerned, he will be hoping to finish his club season in style.

It's a list of legends that includes players like Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Romario, and of course, Ronaldinho.