Macron has 'proof', to decide on Syria air strikes

Macron has 'proof', to decide on Syria air strikes

He said it was important the two nations continued on this path.

France, the United States and their allies are considering a coordinated military response after accusing the Russia-backed Syrian government of being behind the attack.

On Tuesday Air France staff, refuse collectors and some energy workers staged separate walkouts along with train drivers, adding to a growing atmosphere of industrial discontent.

"More fundamentally, there does seem to be some awareness that another round of strikes is unlikely to effective without a wider strategy, which for the moment is sorely lacking".

The only way to avert this catastrophe is to link the emerging international movement of the working class with the struggle against imperialist war. "Stop the arms race?"

An AFP photographer was also lightly wounded in the legs by fragments of a stun grenade.

In a statement Wednesday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on the Security Council to reach an agreement on the "continued use of chemical weapons" in Syria and cautioned that if it didn't, the situation could quickly spiral out of control.

In the meantime, students at two universities in Paris and Lyon blocked campuses in anger at Macron's plans to make university entry more selective, joining a slew of nationwide sit-ins that have disrupted classes for weeks. The Syrian government has denied the allegations.

The French president does not need parliamentary permission to launch a military operation. Multiple IS attacks have targeted French soil, including one last month.

In a tweet sent Wednesday morning, Trump warned that missiles would be coming "nice and new and 'smart'" on Syria, but in a later tweet insisted he "never said" an attack would take place. Officials suggested such evidence was lacking, or at least not yet at hand.

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In separate phone calls, the Trump, Macron and May agreed that the international community should work closely together to "make sure that the regime were held to account". Trump responded by launching Navy cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield.

France is poised to join punitive strikes on Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons.

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He said any action would "target chemical weapons" stocks.

Terrorist attacks that killed four people in Carcassonne on March 23rd prompted widespread demands on the right that Mr Macron imprison suspected Islamists, deport foreigners or dual nationals on watchlists, and ban Salafism, which advocates a return to Islam as it was practised in the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

But in a wide ranging interview with French network TF1 Thursday, reported by Le Monde, Macron stated "we have proof that last week, chemical weapons were used - at least chlorine - by Bashar al-Assad's regime".

A Russian warplane this weekend flew over a French warship at low altitude in the eastern Mediterranean, a deliberate breach of international regulations, a French naval source said on Tuesday.

Macron once again brushed aside accusations that he's the "President of the Rich", saying "The rich don't need a president; they can take care of themselves".

The local civil defense agency blames Bashar al-Assad regime forces for the attack.