Microsoft details what's coming in 2018 in Windows 10 for Fluent Design

Microsoft details what's coming in 2018 in Windows 10 for Fluent Design

Microsoft has not committed to a release window for Your Phone, so it might or might not show up in Redstone 5 for the public later this year. Your Phone works the same way, using Graph to readily surface information you're already interested in and present it in a new way that helps close the gap between devices. The revenue model has been changed so that for consumer apps (not games), the revenue share is now 85% for the developer. The Graph is built to seamlessly connect Microsoft software like Windows, Office, and programs powered by Azure. "There are about a billion people on the planet who have some kind of disability, either permanent or temporary", Smith said, AP reported. It does not apply to purchases made on the Xbox. "What we're doing is using [the Graph] about the identity, and the devices this person has, to establish discovery and help command these two devices", Shiipa explained. That's so 2015. What matters is Microsoft as a service. Microsoft gained on a stranglehold on the PC market by building an operating system everyone wanted to use.

The texting feature appears to be available only on Android - and that's OK. iOS users on the Mac have Messages, a great application that lets you text anyone on your phone from your Mac. By expanding beyond the window to activities, the company is making yet another attempt to edge into mobile devices.

The first vulnerability resides in the VBScript Engine included in all currently supported versions of Windows.

Windows 10 will receive a "future" update to address the issue, at which point users with Intel SSDs can migrate to the April 2018 update. That pipe is alive as long as the session is alive.

At the end of Day 2 Keynote at Microsoft Build, the company showcased some of the new Fluent Design elements coming to Windows 10 this year. Neither Microsoft nor Kaspersky Lab provided details about who is exploiting the vulnerability, who is being exploited, or how widespread the exploits are.

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Timeline will come to phones two ways - via the Microsoft Launcher on Android and the Edge browser on iOS.

"Thirdly, as we infuse AI and inclusive design across our offerings, we will help our partners incorporate AI innovations into platform level services to empower others to maximise the accessibility of their offerings", Smith informed.

The "AI for Accessibility" programme will be run by Microsoft Accessibility team and its leader Jenny Lay-Flurrie who is Chief Accessibility Officer. For it to work, there would have to be a corresponding iOS or Android app and a PC app that all write to the Graph. You can use OneDrive for that, but that's your prerogative. The graph represents relationships among the data. "CVE-2018-0961 addresses abuse of vSMB packets, while CVE-2018-0959 could allow arbitrary code execution on the host from a guest OS", he said. "So we don't really go store anything in the cloud", she said.

A great example of this showed off Microsoft's new partnership with DJI, the world's largest drone maker.